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Nexus 5 Expected Features

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Google and LG together manufacture a big success in the shape of Nexus 4 , the Nexus 4 is based on LG Optimus G hardware platform and now this year we will again see history repeats itself and we see Nexus 5 manufactured on the hardware platform of LG G2. LG G2 is expected to see the light of the day in August and Nexus 5 is expected to see the light of day in October this year so 2 months are enough for google to manufacture Nexus 5 on LG G2 hardware platform . Nexus 5 will get released with Android new version Android 5.0 key lime pie . It is also rumored that Nexus 5 will come up with a tripple camera sensor as we see in HTC new camera technology Ultrapixel and some new branding from Nikon also come up in New Nexus 5 . We see that Nexus 4 is packed with panorama feature , we can capture panorama 360 degree photos from Nexus 4 and now we hope we will see some more improvements in camera features in Nexus 5 . Nexus 5 also come with onscreen buttons for better android experience as Google thinks so .


According to google officials Nexus 5 will be insanely good Smartphone and the world will enjoy to have a Nexus 5 in their hands . Nexus 5  will come up with snapdragon 600 chipset based on quad-core Krait CPU clocked at 2 GHz with Adreno 320 GPU . 3 GB RAM will be used in Nexus 5 with 16 and 32 GB internal flash memory for user .


5 inch full HD display with LCD 3 or Super AMOLED technology will be used , the camera will be at least 13 MP as we see 13 MP camera is packed with almost all the high end Smartphone of 2013 .We will see an improved camera with new features in Nexus 5.

nexus-5-mock-7 (1)


Nexus 5 will be shipped preloaded with android 5.0 key lime pie as android 5.0 key lime pie also get debuted along with Nexus 5 in October this year . Google will hold a big tech event in October on android OS 5 birthday and release Nexus 5 and android 5.0 key lime pie to the world.


















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